About Wide Lens

Lauren Supina is a strategist for executives, organizations and companies seeking to raise profiles, create partnerships and identify untapped skillsets.

Through coaching professionals in private consulting, C-suite entrepreneurs, international NGO’s, former White House staff and others, Lauren has been committed to helping people find their focus through strengthening their voice and identifying strategic next steps. Her ability to direct individuals and organizations has led to transformational change and lasting results.

Creative ideas, insight and strategy for both individuals and organizations will encourage stepping out of your comfort zone and building the skills and confidence to move forward in a new direction. Whether integrating employee voices into company culture, working with individuals to raise their profile, find their unique voice or move through a tough career or life transition, Lauren is a strong listener with creative ideas for getting where you want to go.

She draws on her experience advancing the agenda of women and girls throughout her career, including senior staff at the White House, senior leadership and executive roles at non-profits and top corporations. Wherever it is you want to go, Lauren brings innovative ideas and strategy.

Why Wide Lens?

All of us narrow and expand our focus in life at different times. Sometimes it’s crystal clear and other times it becomes blurry. Perhaps we’ve lost a focal point or maybe we have an idea of where we want to go but we’re just not sure how to get there.

Wide Lens Coaching looks at your big picture by looking at everything that makes you unique. Through deep listening and focused questions, we identify your strengths, mindset, and challenges – both known and unknown. Next, we apply them to your goals, where do you want to go, or how to get there. We break it down, nudge you out of your comfort zone and focus on your next steps, working through a process that feels right to you. 


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